new work 2015

3% [1-5]

  • artists' book
  • set of 5 booklets 
  • h 150mm x w 120mm; 16 pages, including covers
  • each book contains only the colour 3% black, and plays with the perceptual possibilities of the soft semi-transparent paper, exploring show-through effects
  • printed inkjet on 80gsm Hahnemuhle Sumi-e paper
  • handbound with linen thread
  • box folder, printed with a block of 3% black
  • the first stages of this series were developed during my Research Residency in Artists' Books at the Edinburgh College of Art Library, May 2014
  • limited edition of 20
  • £25

3% [1]
  • this work acts as a foundational work for the 3% series [1-5]
  • each facing page (excluding cover and next page) is printed with a 3% black tinted rectangle of 90mm x 60mm
  • the aim is to suggest variations/deepenings/lightenings in tint when turning the semi-transparent paper pages, primarily due to show-through and the different lights in which a page is viewed as it is lifted and turned, although these variations do not actually exist 

3% [2]
  • book [2] is like book [1], yet every other page is blank, creating a subtler show-through, and the illusion that pages are printed when they are not

3% [3]

  • book [3] is like book [2], yet every other page contains an empty 3pt frame in 3%, with the illusion that the next page's block appears to fill out

3% [4]

  • book [4] is like book [2], yet every other page contains a half block, creating the illusion of a darker or lighter block next to it due to show-through

3%  [5]

  • in book [5] the 3% block is printed on each page, yet it shifts by 1cm either to the top and left or to the bottom and right


  • artists' book
  • h 70mm x w 150mm, folded
  • cover printed inkjet on 300gsm Bockingford watercolour paper; end papers are tracing paper; inner page 100 gsm paper.
  • £3

  • artists' book, folded object
  • h 70mm x w 95mm, folded; h 70mm x w 370mm extended
  • printed inkjet on 300gsm Bockingford watercolour paper
  • £2.50


  • standing card
  • h 150mm x w 120mm, with two slight folds to enable standing
  • image from Kennin-ji temple gardens, Kyoto
  • printed inkjet on 300gsm Bockingford watercolour paper
  • originally my 2014 Christmas card
  • £3