essence list

Essence Press occasionally publishes works by other poets and artists.

Elizabeth Burns
Dorothy Wordsworth's haiku (boxed set of cards)

Larry Butler
long breath of hills (small concertina artists' book)

Gerry Cambridge
aves (paperback) £7

Thomas A Clark
island (tiny fold-out artists' book)

five waves (an island postcard)

Alec Finlay
cantus (small hand-bound booklet)

Jonathan Greene
ice storm (tiny fold-out artists' book)

Mandy Haggith
letting light in (square hand-bound pamphlet)

Richard Price
folded (A7 fold out sheet)

Malcolm Ritchie
in a sleeping cloud (square hand-bound pamphlet)

Alan Spence
zenscotlit (small hand-bound pamphlet)

Ian Stephen
port (an island postcard)

Gael Turnbull
wherever (an island postcard)

lines for a bookmark (bookmark)

a word, a phrase (card set)
coelacanth (card set)
a perception of ferns (small box/fold-out artists' book)

Maria White
alphabet book (small hand-bound artists' book)
alphabet week (small hand-bound artists' book)
£7 for the pair

Hamish Whyte
window on the garden (tall pamphlet, with Botanic Press)

Essence Press also published island (2002-2008) a hand-bound journal for art and text works inspired by the natural world.

7 (1)  walking

8 (2)  turning over a new leaf

9 (3)  open spaces, wild places

10 (4)  song of stone

11 (5)  migrating skies

12 (6)  all wind and sunshine
13 (7)  two days on Luing

14 (8)  sight-lines

15 (9)  a slower shower

16 (10) a garland 

Some back issues are still available at £10 each. Please email for details. A new batch may be be printed in 2017, please contact me if you are interested in a full set. essencepress @